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I provide landscape design, maintenance and consulting services for Culpeper, Lake of the Woods, Fredericksburg, Madison, Orange and surrounding areas.

Design- The best way to end up with the landscape you want is proper planning. Whether you’re looking to enhance your plant beds or do a complete property makeover, I can create a detailed, accurate plan to get you there. From plantings to hardscaping, decks to gazebos, I can design any outdoor feature you’re looking for.

Maintenance- A critical part of any landscape is maintaining its beauty and balance as it matures. We’re different from your weekly mowing service- we provide skilled landscape gardening. When you sign a maintenance agreement with us, the first thing I do is a complete property survey. I’ll measure your house, existing hardscapes, locate your existing plant beds and inventory your existing plant materials. Once this is completed, I’ll meet you at your property with a maintenance plan that will make the most of your existing landscape. Because of my years of experience as a designer, I can advise you to make maintenance decisions that will help you acheive the final product you’re after.

Consulting- Sometimes you may not need a complete master plan, but you still want some guidance for the next step to take. I’m available for garden consulting on an hourly basis.


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