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My name is Dave Marciniak, and I operate a landscape design and maintenance company in central Virginia. I’ve been in the landscape field since I was old enough to work as a laborer, and with a combination of education and hands-on learning I’m now trusted to take average spaces and make them something special.

It’s hard to spend years of your life around plant people and designers without becoming a bit of a treehugger. I think it’s important to do things in a way that ensures future generations will still be able to walk in the woods, swim in the ocean, and eat food from a backyard garden. This space is for me to share my excitement (and frustrations) with doing what I do. Just let me know if I get overbearing.



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  1. susan harris permalink
    July 23, 2008 8:09 am

    I liked your comment to my post about lawns on GardenRant and had to run right over to investigate. (I was raised in the Richmond area, btw).
    So then I see “click here to learn about garden coaching” and the link didn’t work. Also, if you’re garden-coaching, why not get listed?

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