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The August Thing

August 20, 2009

Viette Nursery 0731 2009 (2)

How gorgeous is that? A few weeks ago, MJ and I were driving around west of Charlottesville. Being the crafty opportunist that I am, I said “hey, we’re really close to a nursery I’ve wanted to check out for years. Can we can we huh? Pleeeeeease?” So, we plugged the address for André Viette’s absolutely stunning nursery into the GPS and stopped on by.

The place is amazing. Viette’s has a really good variety of perennials, which makes sense- the Viette name is synonymous with horticultural awesomeness. I totally embarassed myself, getting excited that they sold a lower-growing variety of Rudbeckia that Mr. Viette hybridized, “Viette’s Little Suzy,” that can be tricky to find. Of COURSE they sell it. Sheesh.

Viette Nursery 0731 2009 (7)

Anyhow, while the selection of plants, including literally dozens and dozens of daylily varieties, is astounding, the crown jewels are the display gardens. Mr. Viette’s private residence is right next to the garden center, and is jam-packed with stunning combinations of trees, shrubs, and perennials (do I sound like a complete fanboy yet?). Apparently, sometimes he’s out in the garden, but we didn’t get that lucky this time around. We took a ton of photos, and I’ll post them here and there, but you know what? Go check it out for yourself. Fishersville is a lot closer than I thought, and there are a lot of fun things to do in the area. Make it a day trip; if you have the time, make it part of a weekend visit to the area.

In unrelated matters, business is good. If anyone knows of someone interested in an assistant landscape designer position (part time to start), please email me!

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