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July 1, 2009

Several of them, actually. First off, this is my 100th post to this blog. This blogging thing is kind of addictive, and I’ve gotten some great comments and emails about some of my posts. Seeing what search results have sent people here has been pretty funny, too.

Second, tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of taking the business full time. While I officially started in 2005, I ran David Marciniak Designs as a non-competing sideline to my job with a landscape design/build firm in northern Virginia. Business slowed, and it soon became apparent that if I was to continue designing landscapes,  my only choice was to go it alone. Despite her misgivings, MJ agreed, and has supported me throughout my first year. And what a year! I’ve designed tiny little planting beds, and large estates; I have projects where I’ve built personal relationships with my clients, and I’ve done more anonymous, large-scale commercial projects, like subdivision streetscapes, entry monuments, and model homes. My job involves constantly meeting new people, analyzing their properties, solving their problems, and creating something beautiful and functional that they live with every day. I also get to color, and occasionally play with my clients’ dogs and cats. I love what I do, I’m blessed to be able to do it, and I bring that energy to every single project.

And apparently, that energy is contagious! My third milestone is a big one: my business has grown into Prince William and Loudoun Counties, to the point that I have acquired an office in Manassas Park. It’s not big, it’s not flashy, but it’s a space that can hold a six-foot drafting table and a whole lotta love for landscape design. So consider this post a gigantic thank you  to all my friends, clients, and colleagues, who have alternately supported me and pushed me, depending on what I needed at that moment. Keep watching this space- there’s a lot of cool stuff coming.

And check out this video, and enjoy his love for his art. This video just makes me happy:

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