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Recent Installation- Fieldstone Steps

June 16, 2009

June 16 2009 (4)

This is a little project that just finished in Loudoun County, Virginia. We started with a steep slope that didn’t allow for much use of the small side yard. The homeowner wanted a set of natural fieldstone steps, along with room for plantings. A lot of stone was used to create these steps- over five tons- but the end result will give the people who live here a walkway that will stand the test of time.June 16 2009 (7)Because the tolerances were so tight, the steps had to go right up against the air conditioning unit. Naturally, it’s not the prettiest feature in the yard, so I created a trellis to screen it. I generally allow a good 24 inches of clearance all the way around mechanical equipment for air flow, but I was able to cheat the trellis closer by using larger lumber, with a wide spacing. The plant at the base is a yellow honeysuckle whose name escapes me; in a short time, it will cover the trellis and screen out the air conditioner, without impacting its performance. To screen the sides, there was a pieris on the uphill side of the unit, and we relocated a Rose of Sharon to the downhill side.

Happy homeowner, and I got to work with big slabs of stone? That makes for a fun project!

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