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Garden Status, Mid-June

June 15, 2009

June 15 2009 (3)Lettuce FAIL. The seeds were three years old, and I sowed with a light hand. Plus, I did a lousy job of working the fresh compost into the soil, so I know for a fact that the lettuce was trying to take root amongst particles that were way too big. Haste makes waste, etc. However, the lettuce that has managed to make it has been really tasty. One of the advantages to my lackadaisical attitude towards weeds in the lawn is that I have a nice crop of sorrel coming along, that got there all on its own. That’ll make a great, tangy addition to salads. If you’ve never tried it, you really should.

June 15 2009 (7)The tomatoes, on the other hand, are doing amazingly well. Granted, these aren’t the ones we started from seed, but ones we purchased as starter plants from Morningside Farms and Waterpenny Farm. We must have a good half dozen tomatoes on the vine already, and plenty of blossoms. I’m getting excited!

On the critter front, the yard has remained secure from rabbits and groundhogs. We’re at DefCon One, though, because our next door neighbors also critter-proofed their backyard, and they got hit hard this weekend. We’re guessing it’s a groundhog, because of the amount of damage it caused. If he shows his face in our yard, I’ve got a Havahart trap with his name on it. Don’t worry, I’ll take him someplace nice… just far, far away from our yard.

June 15 2009 (6)And, the credit card companies are contributing to the compost pile with all the offers they send us. Paranoid consumer that I am, they all get shredded, and it makes a good addition to the compost. Speaking from past experience, though, be sure that it’s spread in a THIN layer, and turn that section of the pile frequently. Last year, I dumped three hoppers of shredded paper on the heap and let it sit; I ended up with a lovely, crusty papier-mache mountain in the backyard. Because this is all brown (carbon), I’ll definitely have to get a good layer of green (nitrogen) mixed in with it. Luckily, MJ and I are cooking again, which means lots of kitchen scraps!

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