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Where’s Dave???

May 21, 2009
nope, no Dave here

nope, no Dave here

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. It’s been a phenomenally busy season for me- a wonderful problem to have- and I’m not a huge fan of posting for the sake of posting. Anyhow, I wanted to give a couple of updates on projects I may have referenced in prior posts:

  • The garden is in. I’m a little anxious about the tomatoes, since we just weren’t able to get our starter plants quite big enough. And then, it got crazy cold Sunday and Monday nights. A few of the plants look good, many look really, really bad, and I just think our dreams of rolling in bushels of Big Rainbow, Cherokee Purple, and Mortgage Lifter ‘maters may have to wait another year. We’ll see. We direct-sowed summer squash, cucumbers, beans, and lettuce, so we’ll see how that turns out. We also transplanted several herbs from the lower beds to the one closest to the house. Included with those are the garlic chives. I don’t know if they revert, or just get meaner the second year, but- wow. It’s a hot garlic flavor that grabs you by the lapels, lifts you off the ground, and slaps you around. I have no idea what we’ll use it for, but that’s why we co-garden with a chef. We’ll make her figure it out. 
  • I feel like every project I designed this spring installs in the next two weeks. There will be copious amounts of photos, as I think several of them are going to be pretty special.
  • I have a few custom-designed wood trellises going in next week.
  • If you get the newsletter, I’m taking the month off. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve punted the last few months, and it’s showing in my reader response numbers. I’d rather do it well, or not at all.
  • I’ve opted not to do a booth at the Piedmont Alternative Energy Expo. I think it’s a great show, and I would love the exposure, but the deadline to get in the program snuck up on me, and I don’t think I can have a quality booth ready in time. So, I’ll go as an onlooker, and shoot for next year. The organizers sound really excited about the companies they have exhibiting this year, so I think it’ll be well worth a trip.

Finally, you’ll start to see some changes here and at my main website over the next month or so. After a rather frenetic spring, I really want to focus on my core business, which is top-quality landscape design, master planning, and consulting. It’s been a rewarding year with the business, and I want to thank everyone who has been a part of it. The fun is just beginning.

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