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My Fav Plant of the Moment- Viburnum

April 22, 2009

Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum ‘Mariseii’

Common name Double-file Viburnum


What a beautiful plant! Note: this is NOT a plant for small spaces. Mature size can reach 15ft H x 15ft W. Sure, you could keep whacking it back, and thinning it out… but why? The plant in the photo is one that’s being allowed to do what it wants to do, and that’s when you’re going to get the best shape. What these are good for is massing. Tucked in at the edge of a woodline is an excellent application, especially as part of a mixed planting with dogwoods, redbuds, and amelanchier. Talk about spring color! I’m ordering a bunch tomorrow to help hide a pool fence. These plants grow quickly, so I give it three years until the fence disappears.

Viburnum x. ‘Juddii’april-23-2009-10april-23-2009-9

If you’re a common name person, sorry- the closest I’ve heard to a common name is “Fragrant Viburnum,” which is about as useless a descriptor as you’re going to find. Juddii Viburnums are a pretty reasonably-sized plant, at 6-8ft tall and wide. They naturally tend towards a very rounded shape, and the foliage is… fine. Where this plant shines, however, is the fragrance of the blooms. The blooms begin as bright reddish-pink little buds at the ends of the branch, and erupt into perfect little, white snowballs. It’s a pretty flower, but the aroma is downright intoxicating. If you’re a fan of the scent of lilac blooms and you’ve never smelled a Juddii Viburnum- get ready to have your world rocked, is all I have to say.

So where can you buy these? Your bigger nurseries- like Stadler Garden Centers– will likely have them in stock. Any good nursery can probably order them for you, especially this time of year. They’re blooming now, though, so if you want the full experience you’d better get down to the garden center!

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