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Farm, Estate and Large Scale Landscapes

April 13, 2009

3rail-fence-blackI grew up in Rhode Island, where there’s not a whole lot of open space left. Every once in a while you pick up a client on a larger parcel, but that’s still a few acres at best. Running a landscape design practice out of Culpeper County, VA, is a completely different experience. When I work with landscape clients in northern Virginia- or even around here, if they live in subdivision homes- I face the challenges that come with getting a lot of functionality from small spaces. But here, and in places like Loudon County, bigger properties are much more common. They require the same skillset to design, but a slightly different approach. The best part is working at a larger scale- everything can be bigger than you would think necessary, and it works beautifully. I have a few clients at the design stage of the process; as things progress, I’ll update this blog with some really good examples.

And sometimes, I get lucky and Nature has done half my work for me:


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  1. April 23, 2009 10:17 am

    Please add posts as these progress, interested to see how this goes.

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