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Starting Seeds

February 18, 2009


We ordered a ton of seeds for the garden this year, and I’ve been dragging my feet on buying seed-starting trays. I’ve been intrigued by the little wooden tool that you can use to make individual seed-starting pots, but… I’m cheap. However, I think I’ll do this instead. I have several months worth of old newspaper laying around (it’s bundled with twine- yes, Mom, we clean!) and I think this’ll be a good, free way to get our seeds started.

I’ve had a few people ask me what we’re planting that I’m most excited about. The first things that jump to mind are the heirloom tomatoes. MJ has perfected her cream of roasted tomato soup recipe (if you’re on Weight Watchers, it’s a 3 point soup!), and while we loved giving the vendors at last year’s Farmers Market our business, it’ll be nice to harvest Green Zebras and the like right here at home. I’m also excited about the garlic, which isn’t coming until fall. Last year we discovered the punch of hardneck garlic, and we became instant converts. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange provides a garlic starter pack, for those (like us) who are new at growing our own “stinking rose.” I can’t wait!

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