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Winterizing Your Pond- Guest Post

November 20, 2008

I’m no stranger to ponds and water features, but why listen to my advice when I can bring in a pro? My brother, Craig Marciniak, is the owner of Tranquil Water Gardens. Located in Cumberland, RI, he offers the best pond equipment available and will ship anywhere.  Enough introduction, here’s Craig:

For the Do It Yourselfer:  If you will be shutting down your pond for the season there are some important things you must do.


Ponds without fish:  Simply unplug pump, disconnect from the checkvalve and removed from the pond.  Place in a bucket of water and place somewhere that will not freeze.


Ponds with Fish:             Same as above plus an aerator MUST  be installed. A heater is recommended but only needed if temperatures drop below 20 degrees for an extended period of time.  If you have a Russell Hydro Vortex Filter, open back wash valve and keep the valve open for the entire winter.

Switch to a cold temperature fish food once water temperatures drop into the low 60’s.


NETS:         It is recommended that you net your pond if you have any trees or leaf drops near the pond.  You must then REMOVE the net before the pond freezes for the winter or else the net will drop to the bottom and trap your fish


Once the pump is unplugged, DO NOT  feed your fish or add bacteria or Eco-Vescence


It’s as simple as that! Thanks, Craig. To all my customers, I’m offering a late fall special on pond aerators- call or email for details.

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