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Compost Bin Kits & Plans for Sale

November 12, 2008

The compost bins- even in their unfinished state- seem to be attracting a fair bit of traffic via the search engines. It makes sense, since I went with my own design after not liking the ones I turned up online. That being the case, I redesigned the composter to be as simple as possible to put together, using standard-sized lumber and off-the-shelf fasteners available from any big box home improvement store. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, so I’m offering two options:

Plans- I’ve drawn up plans, including fully dimensioned drawings, lumber and materials lists, and cut lists, to build a simple yet sturdy three-bin composter. Cost is $10, and you’ll receive the plans in .pdf format.

Kits– If you’re in the area, I can have everything cut and labeled for you. All you do is set your posts and screw everything together. We can coordinate pickup here in Culpeper, or delivery may be an option depending where it’s going. Because the price of lumber goes up and down, contact me for current pricing.

I can also install the kit for you, and custom projects are always an option. I’ll post pics of my own composter when it’s finished as well.


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