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Fall Lawn & Landscape Care

September 17, 2008

Ignore that pounding- that’s just my heartbeat, from realizing it’s already the middle of September! Time to start thinking about fall maintenance tasks. There are the obvious choices- cutting back perennials once they’re spent, pruning any broken branches, and raking the leaves- but it’s not just about putting things to bed for the season. Fall is a great time in Virginia to get your garden ready for next spring and summer. Here’s my recommendation:

  1. Aerate- Aeration is done with a large machine called a core aerator that works by extracting cores of soil from the ground.  The idea is to reduce compaction and allow water and nutrients to penetrate the soil.
  2. Topdress with compost- After you’ve aerated the lawn, you’ll want to topdress with about half an inch of fine compost. This does several things for your soil. Most importantly, it will provide you with a slow-release source of food for your turf; and increase the overall organic matter in the soil. Many people take this time to apply a fast-acting synthetic fertilizer to the lawn; this is unneccesary and in many cases detrimental to an ideal turf situation, if you’re maintaining your lawn the right way (proper mowing height, mulching mower, etc.)
  3. Overseed- now that you’ve created a healthy, fertile seedbed, it’s a great time to overseed. Fall seeding allows the grass time to germinate and begin establishing itself while the soil is still warm. By the time spring rolls around, your grass will be thicker and hardier than when you started.

I can do any or all of these for you, or if you’re a dedicated DIYer call me for a consult. I’d be happy to come out, take a soil test, and get you up and running. In the meantime, enjoy the great weather!

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