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Where to Spend Your Money

May 24, 2008


I decided to wander around my yard with the camera today, and got a pretty decent shot of my hostas. The intent was to get a picture of my “Pineapple Upside Down Cake” hostas, but when I pulled up the shot on my PC it made me think of something else: I really made a good decision when I bought my “massing” hostas.

Like anyone else who loves plants, I can be a bit impulsive at the nursery. My favorite local nursery is Morningside Farm out in Boston, and I was shopping there a few years ago and saw a whole flat of little hostas in 2″ pots. Since our house is over 100 years old, I wanted to do a very classic hosta garden in the front so I figured, why not? They turned out to be a great investment. This is the third season they’ve been in the ground, and they’re enormous. I’ve never divided them; I believe George mentioned that they’re a self-seeder, and I’m inclined to believe it because I certainly have more than I started with. So, I bought a flat of tiny, inexpensive little hostas and they’ve almost completely filled in under my sweet gum tree. If you have any place you’re looking to do a mass planting- be it hostas, liriope, pachysandra- get them as small as you can. Patience is clearly rewarded quite quickly.

The bright gold hostas, on the other hand… not so economical. Last spring I was shopping at Epicurious Cow and saw these three incredibly vivid plants. They look great, and have filled out beautifully. But, at twenty bucks a pop, they’re definitely an accent plant.

And by the way- my clients’ bed edges do not look like that. I’m a landscape designer and it’s been a great spring. There’s always next year.

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